Over 12 years of medical experience to secure your pet’s health
We offer the best family for your home
Love and professionalism is what we offer along with medical services

Pets are of Qualified Medical Assistance

With new information frequently available, Our pets are healthy and follow consistent steps of growth. Regular preventive care allows us to communicate with you about their medical care. This helps in maintaining and improving your pet’s health.

Our puppies are magical

Nate and Delamy

Nate and Delamy

Veterinary Physician

Thank you for our JJ! I tell him everyday that he is such big boy because we are so amazed with him. We had an 11 hour drive home as we made stops every 2 hours or so to accommodate him. He was an incredible passenger.

We offer Conscientious Care for Our Pets

Intelligent puppies that have a strong desire to retrieve,who are genetically and structurally sound, have that wonderful loveable French Bulldog’s temperament, and are exceptional family companions and hunting partners,that also have the ability to excel in the field as well as show ring .

I have been around dogs my whole life, but the bulldog has always been my favorite. My wife had done some study in veterinarian medicine but complications with her pregnancy forced her out now she is doing some online studies for genetics and animal behavior, she is always striving to be very well educated with the dogs.

Preventive Health Care & Immunization

We breed AKC French Bulldog’s Puppies and offer yellow stud and chocolate stud service. We breed for quality, not quantity. We breed Amazing French Bulldog Puppies that will make great pets. Our litters are carefully planed and bred with purpose. Our goal is to breed excellent dual purpose AKC French Bulldog’s Puppies which are good looking.

Our love and passion for French Bulldog’s s drives us to better the breed and provide families with healthy, happy, perfect pets, companions. We hope to grow in size now that we have the room for it. We do have French Bulldog’s Puppies in every shade including White,Ivory,Cream,Light Yellow,Dark Yellow and Fox Red ! We often have Chocolate and Black Puppies Too .

Dentistry, Surgery and Laser Therapy are No Longer a Problem

We offer cold laser therapy. This is a non-invasive way to help your pet heal faster from things like ear infections, surgical sites or broken bones. Laser therapy is also great for relief of arthritis, soft tissue injuries, wounds or skin infections. It helps to regenerate nerve tissue after surgery.

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